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Sketching Retreat at Casa Martini

13-14-15 Settembre 2024

Between a yoga retreat and a guest, a magnificent opportunity came to me, that of being able to organize a sketching residency here in the nature of my garden

I was lucky enough to meet a fantastic American who draws since he was young, who now lives here in the city, and with him and his wife, we gave life to this weekend in September which will provide many wonderful surprises for all the participants.

The Sketch Experience is open to everyone, beginners and non-beginners, curious and fearful, adults and less adults, Italians and foreigners, because the residential can easily be held in two languages, English and Italian.

There will be an in-depth visit to the Sonnino castle, with tastings and drawing, the possibility of enjoying the magnificent nature of the Casa Martini with its beautiful salt swimming pool, and every morning we will do a simple yoga practice to wake up calmly, at our own pace , which will prepare us to spend the day drawing with more creativity.

If you want to have more details about it you are Wellcome to contact us:

For the drawing Caterina +39393758084056

For the stay and the yoga Beatrice +393395030984


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