The Hayloft

The hayloft is the holistic open space,  multifunctional, just restructured with natural and traditional elements like stone and wood.


In this holistic space all the activities take place. Projected to do workshop and retreats of yoga, meditation, theatre or dance,  Gong meditation, shiatsu or ayurvedic massage.


This space has the sunlight for most of the day, as it used to be the straw deposit to get it dry.


It is 50 square meters, with bathroom, kitchen corner, climatization, heater, music center with access to all types of pc or mobiles, projector and  wooden floor. The space is perfect for small/medium groups.

Yoga & Wellness

  • daily yoga classes

  • yoga retreats

  • gong bath

  • ayurvedic massages

  • holistic workshops

Food & Wine

  •  wine tasting

  • cooking classes

  • lunch

  • dinner 

Casa Martini will be the place where the multicultural and intercultural Retreat of INFUSIO will take place. Tina Hoffman is the guide who will lead you to "Get out of the box and meet your heart".

From 30th of May till 3rd of June, there is the possibility of daily guest or full retreat with accommodation and food. Fo more info, Tina Hoffman.

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

15 May 2018

Itzíar Goikolea will be running a retreat in the silent atmosphere of Casa Martini.

During the month of may the plants wake up and begin their activity, initiating a period of growth and flowering.

As in spring, this retreat is a time to open your heart and nurish. Is a time of building community with gentle and loving people. Is a time to come back to your breath, to your body, to your essence. To phisycal sensations and heart qualities.To continue to grow as a human being, allowing your inner beauty to flourish and offer it to the world and live an awaken life full of purpose. It´s time to welcome the spring and summer time with awareness, surrounded by peace, color and the silence of this wonderful place.The physical body requires, the mental speaks, the emotional shouts and the spiritual whispers … you can not hear the voice of your heart if there is too much noise in other bodies. 

Yogalates Retreat

06 Sep 2017

De-stress, unwind and take some time away from the hustle and bustle in stunning Tuscany for a four-night rejuvenating Yogalates retreat this September.  What can you expect?  Organic Italian cuisine, twice daily yoga & Pilates, guided relaxation, daily massages...all taking place in the peaceful seclusion of Casa Martini.

The retreat runs from Thursday evening to Monday morning (7th-11th September) and includes a total of 12 hours tuition (an energising mix of traditional yoga and Pilates in the mornings, followed by guided relaxation & restorative yoga in the evenings).  

Detox Weekend

05 May 2017

Two days to detox and regenerate body and mind.

The program consists of yoga practices and detox treatments to drain the lymphatic system and help eliminate toxins from the body.

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