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INFUSIO'S Unique Intercultural Retreat

Casa Martini will be the place where the multicultural and intercultural Retreat of INFUSIO will take place. Tina Hoffman is the guide who will lead you to "Get out of the box and meet your heart".

If you are looking to slow down and becoming the best version of yourself this is the right time to do it.

The retreat is addressed to teachers, managers, parents or to all the professions related with crisis and trauma person like doctors, nurses, psychologists, social...etc.

These are the topics:

• Understand your whole person and your Heart • Recognise toxic people and systems • Learn the Art of Self-love

. Learn how to express - Expression by movement, awareness, music and touch in safety

Rereat will be from 30th of May till 3rd of June, it could be attended daily or residentially, it will be in English and German just ask for more info:


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